The New Normal – Living with PCOS & Hypothyroidism

GREAT News! I had my first normal thyroid test result which comes after a year of consistent follow-up with my Endocrinologist. I was still experiencing fatigue issues and he recommended changing up my thyroid medication to Tirosint. Tirosint is the first and only T4 in liquid gel cap with a formulation that only consists of T4, glycerin, gelatin, and water. Unlike some tablet formulations, Tirosint is free of dyes, gluten, lactose, sugar, and alcohol. After two weeks I feel great, not nearly as tired, and I have a renewed sense of well-being. Please feel free to share your experience with thyroid / PCOS medications in the comment section below.


  1. Hi there! I also have PCOS and Hypothyroidism. I have been on Tirosint ever since it came out, having switched from Levothyroxine. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid in my late teens and am in my 50s now. I am also taking Cytomel, which is a T3 medication. As my endo explained it to me, T4 is converted to T3 in your liver, and T3 is the active form of the thyroid hormone. If your liver is not efficient in converting your T4 meds, you are still going to feel the symptoms of hypo. (Interestingly, the liver is also hugely responsible for using and storing ingested sugars, which is a problem for PCOS patients. Coincidence? I think not!) Taking Cytomel in addition to Tirosint helped me. I also have noted that having my hormone levels off in either direction makes me feel bad. I believe that it is like the sweet spot on a tennis racquet or a bat — if the levels are right on, you will feel good, it will be easier to lose weight, etc. Even when on higher doses of the meds, I can still have problems regulating my weight if the dosage of Tirosint is too high, as I think that it causes a stress on the body, release of cortisol, resulting in weight gain. Hope this helps some.

  2. Hello there,

    Thank you for sharing your personal experience with PCOS. I agree with you that stress management is essential for maintaining your weight. I will have to look more into Cytomel and have a chat with my endo on his thoughts. It always helps to learn how others are managing there PCOS, thank you for your post.

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