PCOS & Hypothyroidism – My Journey Continues…

PCOS & Hypothyroidism


Just had my three month check up with labs last week and sadly my results have not improved.  My hormonal and thyroid levels are not within normal range.  August marks the one year anniversary of me working with an Endocrinologist and from what I understand patience is a virtue and it can take a year or longer before my medications and hormone/thyroid levels are in sync.

My doctor increased my medications and scheduled a follow-up on labs and a return visit in six weeks.  I started my new dose on Monday and it’s been seven days.  The changes I have noticed in the first week was that I am not as tired and I lost four pounds.  I can only hope that in a few more weeks I continue to experience more positive changes in my symptoms.

I have been adapting to the Paleo diet plan and have continued my exercise regime of jogging thirty minutes a day with 10-15 minutes of strength building exercises.  I am certain that if I was not making these healthy lifestyle choices my symptoms would be exasperated.

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  1. I have been living with both for about 9 years now. I know your struggle. I know this post is old. But I hope you’re still fighting the never ending battle. My thyroid and PCOS have added a total of about 85 lbs to my 5’7″ frame. Thank you for your blog. I read a lot of the posts and found some great recipes on it for my PCOS.

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